The repository

The MACBA Digital Repository is an online archive for preserving, managing and disseminating MACBA’s digital fonds, including photographs, audiovisual and sound recordings, graphic material and documents, either digital in origin or subsequently digitalised for reasons of preservation and accessibility.

This digital heritage is organised into two main groups: the Artistic Fonds, including the works in the Collection, either digital in origin or digitalised; and the Documentary Fonds, including the personal archives of artists or other contemporary art agents, historical documentation on the activities of the institution, and the documentary collections of the Archive and Library.

A digital repository stores digital information made up of digital objects and metadata: fields of information describing these objects.

As a tool it provides open access to selected contents via the Internet and from any location. From its facilities, MACBA offers access to a significant number of contents that are not available on the Internet due to legal restrictions. Moreover, the system provides controlled access with credentials for viewing and downloading restricted contents regarding loans and collaborations with other bodies and institutions.

Our digital repository is constantly growing. New contents keep being added thanks to the process of digitalisation of analogical works and documents, new acquisitions and new contents generated by the Museum’s activities.

The open repository gives Internet access to some of the contents in MACBA's artistic and documentary fonds. To access the totality of contents in the repository, please visit MACBA's Library.

The MACBA Digital Repository has been developed with DSpace, open source software operating under international standards such as Dublin Core, with the aim of facilitating interoperability and integration with future systems and repositories.

The development of this project has been made possible thanks to an intersectional working team from the Museum’s departments of preservation and management of the artistic heritage, in collaboration with a team from the Consorci de Serveis Universitaris (CSUC), responsible for the software and the server. Equally important has been the work done by the design studio todojunto, and the consulting services of IdLaw, a law partnership specialising in intellectual property rights in the digital field.

The MACBA Digital Repository is a non-profit-making project dedicated to the dissemination of information.

Every possible effort has been made to locate the copyright owners. Any error or accidental omission may be notified in writing at and will be corrected if possible.

The Museum does not guarantee that the use of materials on this site does not infringe the rights of third parties, such as artists or their heirs who may be in possession of the rights. It is the user’s responsibility to comply with copyright or other restrictions before copying, transmitting or using the protected elements in any other way.

MACBA respects the intellectual property rights of third parties. If deemed appropriate, MACBA may withdraw, deactivate and/or cancel access to any material if it suspects that the intellectual property rights of a third party or any other rights are being infringed.

MACBA will not be held responsible for the opinions posted by third parties on these facilities in the context of its public activities.