How it works?

The MACBA Digital Repository offers several ways to access its contents:

  • Basic search (search drawer)
  • Advanced search (search drawer)
  • Surfing the communities and collections
  • The visualisation tool presents the contents of the whole repository, a community or a collection
  • The discovery tool presents an index of authors and keywords in order of relevance

Basic search consists of entering the term we wish to recover in the search box. The search may be limited to a specific community or collection. The term search will be made in every field: title, author, keywords, series, among others.

In advanced search we can combine and exclude terms by creating filters on the initial search. It is necessary to open the first search box for the search to function correctly. For example, when searching ‘man’, we may refine the search results so that they do not include the word ‘woman’ in a particular field (title, author, subject). We may also refine the search by the date of creation. For example, search the name of an artist limiting the results to a specific year of creation.

The search results may be arranged by order of relevance, title (ascendant or descendant) and author (ascendant or descendant). The number of results per page will not exceed 100.

Some searching advice:

  • The term should be entered in inverted commas (“ ”) for the result to be exact when searching a whole sentence
  • For a wider search, use asterisk after the root of a word so that you can recover all the words beginning with this root: for example, “crea*” will recover “creation”, “created”, “creations”, “creator”, etc.